Our Story

We've attended multiple networking events and found that the difficulty lies in retaining and building the connection you make. With the plethora of contact info given, theres too much clutter and not enough organization. We want simplify this process to make networking and connectivity simple for people like us.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to increase networking efficiency. We want to revolutionize the way people connect and network by encouraging them to engage in more face to face conversations resulting in quality professional and personal connections. 


Introducing MetaRek: a double encrypted secure metadata recognition algorithm. No facial images are stored and the metadata cannot be recreated into a face. 



2. Circles for organization

Organization is key for efficient networking. Our automatic sorting algorithm instantly classifies a new connection based of key interests in their  profile. The option exists to personally customize these circles at a later time if the user wishes to as well. 

1.  Introducing MetaRek for       effortless user connection

You will never have to go back and manually add a user again! Simply add the user you want to connect with by a gesture at the camera upon interaction. MetaRek recognizes certain features and generate corresponding metadata thats secure and inaccessible. Not only do you get connected instantly but you can also send out your customizable profile that can include forms of professional contact such as LinkedIn, email, or business card information.  

 3. Personalized events feed 


Personalization and efficiency is a necessary theme within this platform. Your personalized news feed will only include events you have attended. Each individual event card contains options to access promotional information  sent out by event organizers to keep you updated so you never miss out. You can also favorite and share events to people in your circles to keep growing your network base. 


Akhil Ram: COO

Narayan Rajan : CEO


Telephone: 571-243-3840

Telephone: 703-547-7970